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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

NOD3x Version 3.0 Dashboard Overview

Version 3.0 of the NOD3x dashboard has changed a lot! Many of the features you’ll be familiar with from version 2.0 (if you’re totally new, welcome!) and there are several new features to become familiar with as well.

To get started, here’s the new dashboard:

Right away you may see a new feature being used, and that is your dashboard is totally customizable to fit your workflow. We’ve broken the dashboard down into the following modular sections:
  • Live Feeds;
  • Word Cloud;
  • Influencers;
  • Birds Eye;
  • Latest Posts; and
  • Top Posts/Most Used Hashtags.

First, let’s talk a little bit about configuring your view. You’ll notice at the top left of your Dashboard view a dropdown selection box. Here, you’ll choose which project you’d like to review and can even search your projects once you have more than you’d like to scroll through.

Next, at the top right of your Dashboard view you’ll notice there are three icons. These icons represent:

Location; and
● Date Range.

Each icon works like a toggle switch, so you can click them on and off again as needed.

Sources lets you choose between the data sources available in your account. NOD3x offers Google+ data free of charge for members of Google+. Premium sources can be added for networks like Facebook, Twitter and News. More sources will be added in the future as well.

Location allows you to select the geographic location you’d like to see data from. For example, if your target market is in the United Kingdom, you may wish to view data from that location specifically.

Date Range is very important, and lets you choose the date range for the data collected in your project. The default date range is a week from the current date back, so you’re viewing the most recent week’s data.

Directly beneath these icons, you’ll see information for:

  • Images;
  • Video; and
  • Just Text.
These informational graphs represent the total number of images, video and text posts contained within the selected project for the specified date range. These will give you a quick sense of what type of content people are preferring within your chosen topic area. Each bar graph element can be hovered over to see how many posts contained that particular type of content over a given three day period.

i. NOD3x Live Feeds Module

The Live Feeds module displays 3 key pieces of information:

  1. Graph of posts over your project date range;
  2. Hashtags or keywords in your project; and
  3. Source of project data.
1. Graph of posts over your project date range:

The default view is of today, yesterday and the day before for a total snapshot of a three day period. You can change your date range by clicking the calendar icon, and selecting any period of time. Note, that you’ll only be able to select a date as far back as when you started your project. NOD3x begins collecting data when you start a project, so that’s the earliest date you’ll have data for.
2. Hashtags or keywords in your project:

The hashtags and keywords section gives you a quick snapshot of how many posts there are in your project that have been tagged with that particular word. In the screenshot above, you’ll see only a single hashtag in this section. Using a hashtag improves the quality, and relevancy of the data your project collects.
You’re not restricted to using a single hashtag, and there may be circumstances where using multiple hashtags are helpful. For example, if you’re not sure which hashtag to use when posting on a topic you may wish to enter a few hashtags into your project. When multiple hashtags are used, the Live Feeds module quickly shows you which hashtags are being most used. This information will help you know which hashtags to use within a topic area for maximum post reach. 

3. Source of project data:
  NOD3x is able to collect data from a variety of sources. Data from Google+ is, and will always remain, free. However, we offer premium upgrades to other data sources as well, and we’ll be expanding the available sources in future. If you’re using some of the premium data upgrades, this section will quickly give you an idea of which network your topic is currently most popular.
ii. The NOD3x Word Cloud Module

The Word Cloud displays the most commonly used words within your chosen topic. Larger words display the most frequently used, and smaller the less frequently used.

Clicking on a word brings up an overlay, containing all the posts within your project which contain your project keyword (hashtag) and the word you just clicked.

Scrolling through these posts, you can quickly get a sense of the conversation surrounding your topic. You can also connect with people directly from the overlay by clicking to view the post, and interacting directly from NOD3x. 

Joining the conversation is a key piece to growing your reputation and influence within a specific topic. 

iii. Influencers Module

 Not surprisingly, the Influencers Module helps you identify top influencers within your topic. Clicking on any of the listed influencers will bring up information about that person.
Note, the influencer module (as is true of all the modules in the dashboard) is displaying information for the specified project date range. 

For example, if you’d like to see the most influential profiles since you began your project, you’d move your date range back to the date your project was started to get that influencer information.

NOD3x 3.0 now allows you to connect with influencers directly from our new interface, and quickly shows you key information about each influencer.

There are sections within the influencer overview, which show you their profile information. You’ll also see information related to their Online presence, you can take notes on each influencer, see their Activity Share, their latest posts, top posts etc.

Using this influencer information, you can quickly identify if a particular user is relevant in your own opinion, and take your determination of their influencer status back to your NOD3x project to specifically include or exclude the user.

iv. Birds Eye Module

The Birds Eye module provides a lot of information! To begin with it’s completely interactive. Each country can be hovered over to see the total number of posts coming from it. You’ll also see the total number of posts, for the date range specified, in the lower left of the map.

This type of global information will let you know in which country a particular hashtag is seeing the most activity, and can be very helpful when running viral campaigns. Note that we only use publicly available data, so if a person hasn’t specified their country we don’t track it.

Next, you’ll see the Demographic column. Here you can quickly identify gender percentages broken down by country. For example, we see in this gif that for our Content Marketing project in the US, 61% of the posts were made by men and 33% by women.

You’ll also find a Daily Change column. Here you can see the posts per day over time by hovering over the graphs. Finally, there’s information for the total posts and unique authors all again broken out by country when available.

v. Latest Posts Module

This is a great way to maintain your voice in the topically relevant conversation. The Latest Posts module, displays the most recent posts NOD3x has collected. Depending on your dashboard settings, the most recent posts will be current to within a few minutes.
From the Latest Posts module, you can click on i. names to bring up profile information (covered in the Influencers Module section above). 

You can also click on the ii. minutes ago section, which will bring up the post for direct engagement.

vi. Top Posts Module

Similar to the Influencer and Latest Posts, the Top Posts module is interactive. This module is also packed with other helpful information.

For example, the Most Used Hashtags tab shows you at a glance the hashtags most being used in association with your project topic. In our Content Marketing example we see several associated and relevant hashtags that could also be included in our topically relevant posts for extended reach.

Next we have the Best Day(s) and Best Time(s) tabs, which are two of the most powerful in the dashboard. These tabs will help you understand the best days and times to post on a particular topic. Keep in mind that your project data is historical, so the longer it runs the larger your sample size will be.

The NOD3x 3.0 Dashboard

The whole 3.0 dashboard package is designed to be responsive and modular, meaning that you can reconfigure the entire layout to fit your needs. Being responsive means that the dashboard has been built specifically with Android, iOS and tablet devices in mind. No matter where you are, and no matter which device you prefer to use, the power of NOD3x will always be available to you! 

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