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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Data Mining Google+ Using Hashtags and NOD3x

Effective keyword use, for content creation, has been the topic of many articles. over the years After all people want their content to be found.

However, understanding which keyword(s) to use isn't necessarily a simple process because you need to get into the mind of the person creating the content, which isn't always that straight forward... and the results can be hit and miss.

The reverse is then also true i.e. trying to find content on related topics that interest you, especially in bulk!

Over the last 2 years our (NOD3x) aim has been to make data mining as simple as possible by using a keyword, hashtag or phrase, without the need for any programming or maths skills.

Data mining can help you discover relevant content and therefore people that create that content in order to analyse for engagement and influence.

But where do you start?

The simple answer is use #hashtags and the easiest place to start is to first identify what hashtags are associated with you and/or your brand. NOTE: You could of course us a product or service related hashtag as well.

To find #Hashtags that Google+ has associated with you do the following:

Step 1. Go to Google+ and enter your name or brand as a #hashtag (in the example below I've used #nod3x

Step 2. The related #hashtag results returned are listed so choose one to start your new saved project in NOD3x

Create a new saved project with a Google+ related #hashtag

Step 4. Sign into NOD3x with Google and go to Add a new project

Step 5. Give your new project a name and add the hashtag into the keyword text box

Step 6. Save your project

Depending on the frequency of the hashtag being used on Google+ it may take sometime for NOD3x to return results. 

However most projects start returning results into your Infographic Dashboard within 15 minutes.
You can access all of your saved projects in NOD3x from anywhere in the application. Simply click on the green magnifying glass at the top right of the blue navigation bar (as per the example below)

Then hover over the relevant orange magnifying link to display the drop down that will let you access the dashboard, real-time stream or relations user interfaces.

And finally... why is this important to know?

Data mining on Google+ can help you discover:
  • The best times of day and days of the week to post your content
  • Who are the people getting the most engagement?
  • What content people prefer to engage on
and much more...

With NOD3x you collect the content that you want using hashtags knowing that the results will be specific and relevant.

Next steps are to familiarise yourself with the Dashboard and Relations user interfaces.

As always, remember NOD3x is free to use for the Google+ community and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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