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Friday, 4 April 2014

Complete Google+ Engagement and View Count Comparisons using NOD3x

The latest Google+ Update caused quite a stir and caught us all on the back foot. Yes, I'm talking about Google+ View Counts.

Is this a valid measurement or not? Well in isolation - no, as is with most values.

However, when you can compare like for like  (e.g. compare values for profiles that regularly post on topics relating to photography) it becomes a different story.

Over the last 4 days we've been looking at ways to help our users understand ways of using this new metric. We first rolled out view counts on individual profile summaries on the 2nd April and today I'm pleased to announce that we've rolled out Engagement and View Count Comparisons en mass.

What this now means is that if you have a saved project that's collecting Google+ posts relating to photography then you can now compare and get answers to the following:

How many posts each individual has made in total

What's the approximate Reach of their post contained within the graph?

How many engagements (re-shares, comments, +1's) a person received, contained on their posts within the graph?

How many times they engaged on other people's posts contained within the graph?

What view counts have they each got (NOTE: not everyone displays this value on their profile)

The different metrics used here are as followers:
  • Views / Posts
  • Views / (Followers*Posts)
  • Views / Followers
  • Total View Count

You can decide what is of most value to you.

This is our 2nd phase of integration and we welcome any feedback to how to improve this in order to make it as useful as possible to you.

You can now access this via the Relations UI from any of your saved NOD3x Projects via the Relations link at the top in the blue navigation bar.

Then scroll down (depending on your screen size) to beneath the node graph (the one with all the dots) and you will see a new link Engagement and View Count Comparison.

Click that and you will see the results as above. However, in order to ensure you have the latest data please follow the steps in Updating Profiles and Engagements first.

And finally... why is this important?

If understanding about people writing on a specific topic and researching what engagement and now how many times their content is being viewed is important for you - e.g. to better understand how to emulate their good points, whilst improving on what they're doing by adding your personality to it - then this complete summary view will provide a birds eye view of what's taking place within related online discussions without the need to manually pull this information together.

Also, as an added bonus, we've made the data available for you to download as a spreadsheet - you're welcome :)

As always, please leave your feedback and comments below - we value them as they enable us to prioritise what's important to implement into NOD3x

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